Adding/Removing Contacts for Alerts

Adding/Removing Contacts for Alerts

The bottom right widgets in the location dashboard screen allow you to enter contact information to receive alerts about any device alarms. You can enter up to 4 contacts (emails & phone numbers). Ensure the “+1” is included before the phones area code or "+33" in Spain.

  1. To enter a number or email, simply click on the widget and enter the contact info, then click the check mark to the right to save the info.
    1. You will receive a confirmation text/email once you enter your contact information. If you do not receive this confirmation, double check your entry and ensure it is correct and the correct channels are enabled.

  1. To remove a number or email, click the edit pencil, delete the number, and click save.
  2. Toggle the sliders to choose which alerts to receive (SMS or Calls) – Same for Email Alerts 
    1. All alert channels (SMS, Calls, Emails) are toggled ON by default.

Check out our video guide on YouTube for this section: Adding/Removing Contacts
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