Getting Started with 7shifts

Getting Started with 7shifts


To connect your 7shifts account with the Cold Chain Dashboard and receive temperature alerts in your Manager Logbook, you will need to enter 3 different ID's from your 7shifts account into the appropriate fields on the dashboard. As you follow this document, mark down the necessary ID's somewhere so you don't lose track of them!
  1. Location ID
  2. Company ID
  3. Company GUID

Getting your Location & Company ID's

If you wish to receive alerts from each location you have in the Cold Chain Dashboard, you will need to be sure to enter each Location ID into the dashboard. 
To find your Location ID's, log into your 7shifts account and click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen. From here, select "My Account". 

Once on the "My Account" screen, select "Developer Tools" from the left hand menu, then "Resource ID's" on that page. Here, you will find your Location and Company ID's.

Getting your Company GUID

If you have not already generated your Company GUID, click the following URL to complete the company grant flow and get your GUID:

If you have any trouble, the following 7shifts guide will walk you through the Company Grant Flow process from the above link:

Linking your Cold Chain Dashboard with 7shifts

Now that you have all 3 necessary ID's, it is time to enter them into the Cold Chain Dashboard. To enter the appropriate ID's in their respective fields, follow the next 2 steps.

Entering your Location ID

For the respective location you want to enter the ID for, click the "Edit Pencil" next to the location on the locations widget, and enter the ID in the "Location ID" field. 

Entering your Company ID & GUID

On the widget next to the locations widget, you will see two fields to enter your Company ID and GUID respectively. Once you have entered them, click the save button. 

Final Notes

After completing all of the above steps, you are ready to begin receiving alerts in your 7shifts Manager Logbook from the Cold Chain Dashboard!
When an alarm from the Cold Chain Dashboard is triggered, it will create a post in your Manager Logbook under the Category "RCI Monitoring Alarms". Please note that the category will not appear until your first alarm from the Cold Chain Dashboard is triggered. The screenshot below shows an example of what the logbook post will look like when a sensor breaches and returns to the set thresholds. 

Please note that the Manager Logbook Alerts for this new category in 7shifts are toggled on by default. This can always be changed later within the Manager Logbook in 7shifts by clicking on Categories > ‘pencil’ icon next to RCI Monitoring Alarms > Instant Notification.